Friday, October 27, 2006


Warning: Maybe offensive to some people. Read at own Risk

Okay so I am a little frustrated this morning... Work was okay but I am frustrated about that because I work with L.. A.. Z.. Y.. people. I got called off all week for low census and come in to find that NOTHING was done while I was at home. I can in to a whole 3 admission packets being done. I mean the ones that take me 30 minutes to set up and then over 2 hours to only get 28 of them done. Not to mention then the girl I worked with was all in may space when I was really busy and then she "slipped" and feel in a pt. room with no witnesses saying that she tore a ligament or has a bad sprain. She is such a hypercondriact! Then I come to home to an e-mail from my brother in law saying that we think he is incapable of picking a movie for youth group and he thinks that we are using him as a tool! Well I tell you what I feel completely the opposite about that. I feel like we deligate stuff to him and he deligates at least half of it back to Chris and I. Not to mention that we only shot down ONE movie of his because he was pulling things out of his butt and couldn't back up what he was saying. Then he tells me that we gave him piss poor examples. Well let me tell you that I gave ONE movie with 4 different examples as to how it could be used for a youth night. ARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! I am just getting sick of people's crap. I have too much stuff going on to cover other people's butt's all the time. I have put a whole discussion together for Sunday night and only asked for help once from Chris. I don't believe that I ever ask my brother in law to help at all with the discussion and all I asked Chris to do was find something on the internet that he has seen other then that it is all my baby. Not to mention that I also lined up people for the Progressive Dinner for next month. So this week I have killed 2 youth nights in one stone. Well I really need to get some sleep so that I get a couple hours in before I go and pick up my kids.

PS: This is not to offenend any of the above mentioned people. I am just FRUSTRATED and like I said in the beginning I am using it to vent my feelings.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Feeling Accomplished

Well today has been a pretty good day. I feel like I got some things accomplished so far. The kitchen is underway but not complete. It takes a while when you have several messes to clean up in there and you have children that seem to need you. Although the floor is clean and most of the dishes are clean and put away. Ephriam didn't take too long of a nap today though. He only slept for about an hour and a half. It probably means that he will go to bed early tonight. Right now he is giving me the opportunity to blog by eating lunch and watching Baby Einstein. I am glad though that tonight Wed. night dinner is here. It will give us the opportunity to get Ephriam to bed on time and give baths to the children. It has also help to motivate me to get the house in some sort of order. I am hoping tomorrow to get my laundry folded. I am so far behind on it that it is unreal. I will probably get caught up this weekend since the only thing we have going for us is going to the zoo for HallZOOween. Well I should take advantage of more of this time and get more of the kitchen done since Ephriam is being good and Kendra is sleeping. Looking forward to posting tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Weird Night

Okay so last night I was suppose to work. Well they called me off from 7-11 and had me come in at 11. When I got there we didn't have a lot of pt. to take care of. I did a few things that I usually do on the 7-11 part of the shift but didn't get done because Helena does then later in the shift. So once I got that all done there wasn't a whole lot else to do. We were just waiting on the inductions to show up. Well neither one of them did so I got sent home at 3 along with a nurse. Well once I got home I found my whole family awake. Ephriam was bouncing around like a monkey in his crib, Daddy and K.C. where in the living room waiting for me to arrive so that she could eat. So once we got everyone settle back down things were nice. I am liking have he laptop and being able to type from my bed. Well I got both my kids sleeping for a few so I am going to get a little nap in I hope. Ephriam will probably get up now though. Looking forward to posting more later.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Well today is Sunday and it was business as usual. Well I did get Chris to get out of bed early and we got off to church on time. Then we came home I fed the kids and then I ran to Meijers to pick up something and it turned into a mini grocery shopping. I didn't get as much as I could but I got enough for us to get by hopefully for a few weeks. Then off to youth group. We had an okay turn out. I just wish that since this event was suppose to be have the kids get their friends more invovled that they would have come to get the results. Of course you don't know how well the kids communitcated to their friends that. Oh well. Other then that it was just a typical Sunday. I am looking forward to tomorrow and being able to hopefully get some of my house picked up. I really wish that I would have a night off from work to be motivated enough to pick things up around the house and fold laundry. Well K.C. is fussy so I need to tend to her but thought I would post to my blog quick.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Okay so it is the weekend and you are asking what am I doing up at 6 am. Well that is simple I am covering a Friday night for one of the girls I work with. She usually works friday, saturday, sunday but has taken a vacation and lucky for me saturday and sunday are covered. Things get a little crazier around the house when I am working. I am looking forward to watching Notre Dame play football this afternoon as I fold laundry. I really don't have too much ambition to to much else. I am hoping the Chris can get the wireless internet up and running so that tomorrow I can come home from church and play on the computer while I feed the baby or while I eat my lunch. We will see how far he will get since I will spend the morning sleeping or so I hope. I don't sleep too well when Ephriam is up playing so I know that I will sleep well till then unless the baby needs to eat. I am just looking forward to hanging out at home for a whole saturday unless we take a ride out to Winton Woods to find Parky's Farm since I am suppose to be there this Friday at 11:30 am and I have an idea as to where I am going but I am not exactly sure where it is at. Well I need to get back to work but hey at least it hasn't been a week since I have posted.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Okay so things are good today. I am going to be able to have my house picked up and I am sure that I will be dressed before 4 today. I have gotten to enjoy hanging out with Ephriam. He is so funny. He has been running to me just to give me a hug and then runs off again. What a sweet boy. K.C. must be growing because all she has done since I got her home from the sitters yesterday was sleep and eat. She hasn't been a wake very much and is going like 4-5 hours with out eating. She did beam me some smiles this morning which was nice. Last night was really nice. I got to hang out with the girls for the evening and then I hung out with Matt and Heather a little while longer. I am so thrilled that they are going to have a baby! It is so exciting to get to share such a special time with them. I am still really tired today but I know if I sleep all day that I will have a hard time going to sleep tonight and I don't want that to happen. I am not looking forward to Chris going to the board meeting tonight because I know that it is going to be a long long long meeting. I really wish that the board meeting was on a different night so that I could spend more time with him. I would really like for him and I to go out to dinner one evening just the 2 of us to get caught up on life together. I have been feeling lately like we are just passing by each other. He has to not be sick though for us to go out. So buddy, get over whatever the heck it is that you got! Well I need to go pick up Ephriam's toys since he is in bed and I can do so. But today is a beter day so far.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Okay so this is going to be quick b/c I only have a few minutes but I just want to say that things are getting better. I think that I got a lot done at home yesterday considering. I still have a lot to do but Christopher, you are right we are always playing catch up. Sometime I am sure that we will ge all the way caught up and will be fine. I still got a whole list of things to do yet and it gets frusterating as the list grows but you aren't crossing much off. I wish right now I could just get things to be maintained. I mean keeping the laundry up, dishes done, Ephriam's toys picked up, e-mail checked and answered ( I do a lot of the checking but the answering I have difficultly yet with usually at least one screaming child). I know that it will get there but lately it is frustrating. I just seems like it has been going on for too long. I feel like I need to take a vacation to get us all caught up. Another thing is that I would like to get dressed somedays before 4 in the afternoon or even get a shower before 11 at night. Things that will hopefully come in time. Only I feel that time is too fast. I want it to slow down. Wishing that things could just slow down for a bit or better yet stop. I want to smell the roses for more then a second. I want to be on top of the game. I keep saying we will get there but when? When my kids are off in college? Totally frustrating sometimes. Try to keep my cool but it won't be long before I do take that vacation. Will vent more later, I have to get back to work.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Well today hasn't been that bad for a Sunday. I really feel like we accomplished a lot today even though we had our usual interruptions from our children. We got up this morning and went to church. Getting ready for church can pose as a challenge sometimes. I get up and hour and half before we have to leave to make sure that both my children are dressed, feed, and diaper bags packed, to get myself ready, and to wake Chris up. It can take up to hour to get Christopher out of bed and sometimes I just send Ephriam in to get him. I wish that there were some way that I could sleep in a little longer but such is life. After church Mark came over to work on youth group stuff. I know that we didn't get everything that we wanted to get done done but we got the main stuff done. We got all the points figured out for the scavenger hunt, went through all the CD's that were in the youth room and set aside the lame ones for the libary at church and we go the calender planned all the way through the end of the year. In the mist of this all we ate 2 meals, I feed K.C. multiple times, and we took turns running after Ephriam. After dinner I had the opportunity to clean up the kitchen a bit and had to run to Meijer's to get milk for Ephriam because I didn't even have enough to fill 1/4 of his cup. I got most of the dishes done and the floor swept and wet jet swiffered. It felt really good to see the clean kitchen, now if only I can get the rest of my house looking that way. It is going to be a long hall doing so unless all of a sudden Ephriam and K.C. took care of themselfs. I am looking forward to the days when Ephriam uses the potty and I can tell him to pick up his toys. We are working on that yet with him with not much avail. Well K.C. is sleeping so I need to go to bed but hopefully I will to post tomorrow sometime either before or after I go to work. For now going to be early is nice. Goodnight.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Okay so I am going to try this again and see how it works. I know that I will be able to post from work when I have some down time (which seem few and far between these days) not to mention that Chris has decided that we need wireless internet and I need a laptop to replace the desk top I have so that I can do things like this while I am upstairs with my kids. My laptop should be here on Monday and probably next weekend (I hope) we will have the wirelesss internet going. I want this to be a place for me and less about my family. Of course it will still contain things about my family because they are apart of my life and being a mom is one of my favorite in the world to do. I have entiled this blog as if my life isn't crazy enough because it seems that there is a new event everyday of my life. There is always something that is coming up and making things more complicated or so it seems. I have set goals somedays that don't even reach A let alone Z not that I mind sometimes because it is usually a time I need to sit and enjoy my kids or family or friends. So there won't always be postive posts. Sometime a girl needs to vent. Hope that you enjoy and looking forward to hearing comments.