Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Things have been really nutty around lately. I am trying to keep my cool but I feel like things are caving in. I don't get much sleep during the week while I work, I am doing my best to keep everyone up to speed with Heather, I am trying to play with my kids, keep up with the house, and have my own sanity but it really itsn't workin. Chris is getting the blunt of things and it really isn't his fault. He is just the one who is there and gets the crap. Someday I feel like I have no control over anything. It doesn't take much these days to irritate me. Can't figure out what is wrong with me other then stress. My job really sucks right now but I keep remembering that it could be worse and things are going to get better. The when is what I am waiting on. I just want things to stop. I want to plan events. I want my house to myself. I want time for me. I would like to do some scrapin' but I am too busy. Maybe this weekend since my house is pretty well kept up that I can get a few hours in. I can send Chris outside while the kids nap or something. Maybe a couple hours of focusing on that would let all this stress out. Who knows. I feel a little better bloging about it but this is a really sucky 50th blog post. Maybe the 100th one will be better. We will see but I need to go and get some work done since that is where I am at. 2 post in one week is good though. Hope that all is well for you. It will get better for me eventually.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Birthday Weekend

I had a really good weekend. The last week was crap because I didn't get much sleep. This week however I get to go back to my regular schedule and be normal so hopefully so my kids will coorperate with me and I will get some.

Anyways, Friday was my birthday. It started off really great. I got cards from my husband and my kids with my kids promising that they would try to take a nap. Then my brother called me to wish me a happy birthday. This is a big deal to me because he still hasn't celebrated Christmas with us. Then I got to take a nice nap before getting Ephriam. Then I got a card in the mail from my parents which was great because I got a good amount of money to spend on myself. Then the Ephriam and K.C. took a nap for me! YEAH! After that we just had wings and rings for dinner. I then took a nice hot shower, I even got shave my legs which is a rare things these days. Then we bathed the kids and did bedtime. Chris and I were watching the Reds when he was falling asleep so I thought that I would just go in the bedroom and watch TV for a bit and fall asleep. The TV bit was just for about 10 minutes. I was asleep before Ephriam.

Saturday I slept till 9. That's right kids I got 12.5 well needed hours of sleep! We got up and got going for the day. Then Chris and I went dropped the kids off at his parents house. Went over to the Nelson's to help clean up there yard. We came home and got cleaned up to go out to dinner at Outback and then came back home and watched the Bad News Bears before we went and got the kids. We came home and did bedtime with them and then again I was off to bed.

Sunday was our usual morning rush to get to church. Then after church we came home and Chris cut the grass and I cleaned up the house inside before we had Mark and Emily over for dinner. Emily needed some cheering up since her good friend Hayley is moving to KY with her brother. We had fun playing in the yard with the kids. Ephriam has got a great throwing arm and is getting batting down okay. He does better if you help him bat verses batting off his tee. Which is a good thing if you ask me. I also had to raise his little basketball hoop a couple of notches because he is getting so tall. He can still slam dunk though with both of his feet on the ground.

So that is a wrap up of our weekend. Hope that everyone is doing well and looking forward to getting enough sleep this week to post more.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I had a lovely vacation will all the girls in Florida. Can't wait to do it again! So here is a quick run down of what we did.
Sat: got up left for Nashville International Airport, flew out, Landed, got luggage, looked for rent-a-car, took shuttel to get rent-a-car, drove 40 minutes to pick up the rest of the gang, drove back 50 minutes to condo, settle in at condo, went to dinner at Fridays, went shopping for food for the week, then came back and watch Carolina (which by the way was a great movie).
Sun: Got up ate breakfast, drove to my mom's cousin house, Susan, visited with family for the day and swam in the "heated" pool (it was a bit chilly but once you got in you were fine), drove back to the condo, had left over for dinner, played Dutch Blitz.
Mon: Got up ate breakfast, hung by the pool, had lunch, back to the pool, watched RV while we waited for dinner to cook, dinner, extreme scrabble
Tues: Breakfast, pool, lunch, pool, shopping at the outlet mall watched Devil Wears Prada
Wed: Breakfast, pool, lunch, watch part of the Holiday, shopping at the big orange (the store was shaped like an orange but I have forgotten the name of it) back to the condo watched the rest of the Holiday again while dinner cooked, dinner.
Thurs: Up at 3 am to catch flight back to Nashville, land in 30 degree weather which really stunk since it has been almost 90 with no humidity all week long, went to moms house took a nap, went out to dinner, back to mom house, got ready for bed.
Fri: hung out at moms house and wait for Chris and Ephriam to show up, Hugged and kissed my poor son till he was blue (not literatly), waited for dad to get home, went to church with mom and dad for Good Friday prayer, out to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, back home to get the kids ready for bed.
Sat: Hung out at mom and dads, had lunch, napped, out the mall to get out, back to have dinner, then Ephriam colored eggs, then ready for bed.
Sun: Happy Easter! Went to church, had breakfast at Cracker Barell, back to mom and dads to pack things up and head home.

I am glad to be back home it is a little easier with the kids but I do miss my family terribly. I love them so dearly and it is had to be so far apart from them. I am not liking going back to work but it has to be. I am looking forward to getting more training out on the floor. Thank Goodness that Helena showed me some of the stocking stuff before she had her back surgery so I am able to help out some. I hope that she is able to come back in 6 weeks like she wants to but we will see how she is doing. So that is it for now.