Tuesday, June 26, 2007


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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cookout Weekend

This weekend was a good one. We had back to back cook outs at our house. The first one was for Chris' Dad's 60th Birthday and the other one was for the end of the school year with the youth group. We still have hamburgers and hot dogs here to have another cook out. I am sure that we will use them through out the summer. On Monday however we got to just be the 4 of us and get a few things done around the house. We went to Lowe's and got some flowers for my flower bed in back and planted them. Chris started to dig up the sandbox for Ephriam and Kendra. Hopefully we will have that finished this weekend so that the kids have something to play in. The next couple of days are going to be hot ones so I am hoping to get the pool out and warmed up so that we can get in it. Tomorrow the high is suppose to be 92 and sunny. It was so hot today that even Ephriam didn't want to play outside and that is a rare thing for him. Tonight I have to go into work so for the next 3 days we won't be going outside till at least Chris gets home. Well I am off to get some rest before I go into work.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

G-burg Trip pics

The start of the tripEphriam an Daddy sword fighting

The caber toss

Our family on the last day down at the creek

Ephriam asleep on Grandma at the Highland games

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Post Trip

G-burg was great. Had a great time hanging out with the family. Thursday we had a nice drive down. We ate dinner in the car and then I took a nap for about 2 hours while Chris drove. Then we made a pit stop to feed K.C. and I had a potty break. Then back on the road for the rest of the trip. We just got caught up in a little traffic about 1 mile from our exit on 40. We didn't have to stop at all in Pigeon Forge since it was so late. Once we got to the place we were staying at Ephriam got out of the car and said "Nana's?" I had to tell him that we weren't at Nana's house but we were in the car that long. We then got the kids settled and went to bed ourself. The kids were up a 8 the next morning ready to go. We got up and had breakfast and headed out to the Aquarium with Eric, Cindy, Joe, Josh, Caleb, and Clare. We had a good time there but I was a little disappointed because I thought that Newport was better but oh well. Then we went on to get our taffy. Mark was waiting outside the place and got pooped on by a bird. Good thing that we carry baby wipes all the time. After we got our taffy we headed back to give the kids a good nap. All of the rest of us took a little nap too. We then had dinner with Chris' Uncle Mike and Aunt Star. We were up till midnight chit chatting before we decided we should hit the hay. The kids again woke us up at 8:30 and we got dressed and headed next door for pancakes with Eric, Cindy, Joe, Josh, Caleb, and Clare. Then we all headed out for the Highland games. It was a blast to watch them and listen to the pippers. Ephriam got a wooden sword and daddy got one to defend himself with. All of the cousins got swords to. My favorite part was watching the guys throw the cabers (my spelling maybe off I am not sure but I do know that they are long pieces of wood that are like telephone polls.) Ephriam enjoyed that part too. Chris now wants a kilt and I think that his Uncle Mike is arranging to make that happen. Ephriam also got the family clan (Stewart) pin from Uncle Mike. Chris has put it up in a safe place so that he can wear it next year. I am sure that it won't be long before Ephriam wants a kilt of his own. At least he won't have to worry about the lenght that way. After the games we headed back to have a cook out and smores for Cindy's birthday. We were up again late hanging out as family. The kids were up then the next morning at 7:30 so we just got up and got going. Ate breakfast and packed. We a pretty good drive home except for the fact the I had a small case of the runs. We got caught in a ton of traffic on our way out of Pigeon Forge and we ran into a little bit of traffic on 75 on our way back. Nothing too bad though. We made it back safe and sound and Chris headed out to youth group while I wrestled the kids. So that was our weekend. When I get home I hope to post some pictures. Peace.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pre Gatlinburg

So tonight we are on the road to Galtlinburg for the Highland games. I have A LOT to do between now and then. Here is the skinny: First off I am coming off of working 3 12 hour shifts in a row. (That is tough to begin with but it gets better.) Since Chris' whole fam is going down I don't have a sitter for the kids today (Which equals no sleep for mommy.) So I am picking them up when I get off work. Then we are headed home to eat breakfast and maybe the kids will take a mornig nap. While I pack somethings up to go. Then we are headed out to play group for only like an hour or so since it is a 1/2 hour drive to this months hostees house. Then when we get back the kids will take a nap while I get the clothes pack. (They don't make such great helpers packing clothes.) Maybe I will get a nap in there. Then pack the car, feed the baby, and we are off. We are driving through Wendy's to get dinner. I will be feeding the kids and then I will feed myself and then off to sleep I will be till we get closer or till Sissy needs to eat. Then we will make a quick stop. I really can't wait to get there so that I can get some sleep. I am looking forward to the trip but not to all the getting ready or unpacking. Oh well it will be fun. Chris has been a big help by getting somethings ready. I just hope that I don't forget anything. I am pretty sure that I won't since I have made big list so that I don't forget. Just a matter of leaving the kitchen sink. Well I am at work and need to pump. I will give you a post trip update when we get home.

Pre Gatlinburg

So tonight we are on the road to Galtlinburg for the Highland games. I have A LOT to do between now and then. Here is the skinny: First off I am coming off of working 3 12 hour shifts in a row. (That is tough to begin with but it gets better.) Since Chris' whole fam is going down I don't have a sitter for the kids today (Which equals no sleep for mommy.) So I am picking them up when I get off work. Then we are headed home to eat breakfast and maybe the kids will take a mornig nap. While I pack somethings up to go. Then we are headed out to play group for only like an hour or so since it is a 1/2 hour drive to this months hostees house. Then when we get back the kids will take a nap while I get the clothes pack. (They don't make such great helpers packing clothes.) Maybe I will get a nap in there. Then pack the car, feed the baby, and we are off. We are driving through Wendy's to get dinner. I will be feeding the kids and then I will feed myself and then off to sleep I will be till we get closer or till Sissy needs to eat. Then we will make a quick stop. I really can't wait to get there so that I can get some sleep. I am looking forward to the trip but not to all the getting ready or unpacking. Oh well it will be fun. Chris has been a big help by getting somethings ready. I just hope that I don't forget anything. I am pretty sure that I won't since I have made big list so that I don't forget. Just a matter of leaving the kitchen sink. Well I am at work and need to pump. I will give you a post trip update when we get home.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Getting Better

Things are getting better all around, at least for now. I am getting to do a little bit more at work on my own and it is nice. I have gotten to see a couple of deliveries and that has been nice to be able to help out the nurses more. I am learning new bits everyday and getting more and more confindant about things. Heather is doing much better and I am glad of that. I worry about her being at home by herself but I know that there are a ton of people that are just a phone call away if she needs anything. Just if we can let that baby cook a little bit longer that would be nice. Now if I could find away to just get more sleep. Getting 3 hour inbetween 12 hour work shifts is really starting to bite. I wish there was a way to get more but when you work nights and your kids are up during the day it just doesn't pan out that way. It has been nice going to bed on Friday nights early. It would be nice to get to sit and scrap book some but I would really like the house to have some order before I do that. Things are starting to fall into some sort of routine or so I think. Last time that things got going into a routine around the house we found out that Kendra was coming. I love her to pieces but man has she taken a toll on me. No wonder I am getting gray hair! I am looking forward to taking the kids to the zoo soon. Actually next week I get to lead a some what normal life. Yeah some what. I am working only 8 hour shifts so I will get to come home and get about 6 straight hours of sleep before the kids get up. I am hoping to do something fun with them everyday that week since I will be getting more sleep and still getting to spend lots of time with them. For now I am looking at spending my birthday money this weekend on some new clothes or something. For now I should do some work.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Things have been really nutty around lately. I am trying to keep my cool but I feel like things are caving in. I don't get much sleep during the week while I work, I am doing my best to keep everyone up to speed with Heather, I am trying to play with my kids, keep up with the house, and have my own sanity but it really itsn't workin. Chris is getting the blunt of things and it really isn't his fault. He is just the one who is there and gets the crap. Someday I feel like I have no control over anything. It doesn't take much these days to irritate me. Can't figure out what is wrong with me other then stress. My job really sucks right now but I keep remembering that it could be worse and things are going to get better. The when is what I am waiting on. I just want things to stop. I want to plan events. I want my house to myself. I want time for me. I would like to do some scrapin' but I am too busy. Maybe this weekend since my house is pretty well kept up that I can get a few hours in. I can send Chris outside while the kids nap or something. Maybe a couple hours of focusing on that would let all this stress out. Who knows. I feel a little better bloging about it but this is a really sucky 50th blog post. Maybe the 100th one will be better. We will see but I need to go and get some work done since that is where I am at. 2 post in one week is good though. Hope that all is well for you. It will get better for me eventually.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Birthday Weekend

I had a really good weekend. The last week was crap because I didn't get much sleep. This week however I get to go back to my regular schedule and be normal so hopefully so my kids will coorperate with me and I will get some.

Anyways, Friday was my birthday. It started off really great. I got cards from my husband and my kids with my kids promising that they would try to take a nap. Then my brother called me to wish me a happy birthday. This is a big deal to me because he still hasn't celebrated Christmas with us. Then I got to take a nice nap before getting Ephriam. Then I got a card in the mail from my parents which was great because I got a good amount of money to spend on myself. Then the Ephriam and K.C. took a nap for me! YEAH! After that we just had wings and rings for dinner. I then took a nice hot shower, I even got shave my legs which is a rare things these days. Then we bathed the kids and did bedtime. Chris and I were watching the Reds when he was falling asleep so I thought that I would just go in the bedroom and watch TV for a bit and fall asleep. The TV bit was just for about 10 minutes. I was asleep before Ephriam.

Saturday I slept till 9. That's right kids I got 12.5 well needed hours of sleep! We got up and got going for the day. Then Chris and I went dropped the kids off at his parents house. Went over to the Nelson's to help clean up there yard. We came home and got cleaned up to go out to dinner at Outback and then came back home and watched the Bad News Bears before we went and got the kids. We came home and did bedtime with them and then again I was off to bed.

Sunday was our usual morning rush to get to church. Then after church we came home and Chris cut the grass and I cleaned up the house inside before we had Mark and Emily over for dinner. Emily needed some cheering up since her good friend Hayley is moving to KY with her brother. We had fun playing in the yard with the kids. Ephriam has got a great throwing arm and is getting batting down okay. He does better if you help him bat verses batting off his tee. Which is a good thing if you ask me. I also had to raise his little basketball hoop a couple of notches because he is getting so tall. He can still slam dunk though with both of his feet on the ground.

So that is a wrap up of our weekend. Hope that everyone is doing well and looking forward to getting enough sleep this week to post more.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I had a lovely vacation will all the girls in Florida. Can't wait to do it again! So here is a quick run down of what we did.
Sat: got up left for Nashville International Airport, flew out, Landed, got luggage, looked for rent-a-car, took shuttel to get rent-a-car, drove 40 minutes to pick up the rest of the gang, drove back 50 minutes to condo, settle in at condo, went to dinner at Fridays, went shopping for food for the week, then came back and watch Carolina (which by the way was a great movie).
Sun: Got up ate breakfast, drove to my mom's cousin house, Susan, visited with family for the day and swam in the "heated" pool (it was a bit chilly but once you got in you were fine), drove back to the condo, had left over for dinner, played Dutch Blitz.
Mon: Got up ate breakfast, hung by the pool, had lunch, back to the pool, watched RV while we waited for dinner to cook, dinner, extreme scrabble
Tues: Breakfast, pool, lunch, pool, shopping at the outlet mall watched Devil Wears Prada
Wed: Breakfast, pool, lunch, watch part of the Holiday, shopping at the big orange (the store was shaped like an orange but I have forgotten the name of it) back to the condo watched the rest of the Holiday again while dinner cooked, dinner.
Thurs: Up at 3 am to catch flight back to Nashville, land in 30 degree weather which really stunk since it has been almost 90 with no humidity all week long, went to moms house took a nap, went out to dinner, back to mom house, got ready for bed.
Fri: hung out at moms house and wait for Chris and Ephriam to show up, Hugged and kissed my poor son till he was blue (not literatly), waited for dad to get home, went to church with mom and dad for Good Friday prayer, out to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, back home to get the kids ready for bed.
Sat: Hung out at mom and dads, had lunch, napped, out the mall to get out, back to have dinner, then Ephriam colored eggs, then ready for bed.
Sun: Happy Easter! Went to church, had breakfast at Cracker Barell, back to mom and dads to pack things up and head home.

I am glad to be back home it is a little easier with the kids but I do miss my family terribly. I love them so dearly and it is had to be so far apart from them. I am not liking going back to work but it has to be. I am looking forward to getting more training out on the floor. Thank Goodness that Helena showed me some of the stocking stuff before she had her back surgery so I am able to help out some. I hope that she is able to come back in 6 weeks like she wants to but we will see how she is doing. So that is it for now.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

One more work night or not?

So I only have to make it through one more 12 hour shift or maybe not depending on if they will let me have the call off. As things stood this morning there would be no call offs tonight but we will see what will happens. I am hoping to get called off all night so that I can get all of our stuff mostly packed. If not I am going to sacrifice some sleep tomorrow so that I can get that done and sleep all night tomorrow night. I am sure that I won't have a problem going to sleep tomorrow night either way. I think that my milk supply will double while I am on vacation since I will be so relaxed. I hope too that Kendra feels my relaxation and will eat all that milk! LOL. I am sure that things will work out great. I am a bit worried about the plane ride with the altitude changes with her. I will have lots of things for her to suck on to help with those changes. I even got a little bit of formula from work in case she needs to have a bottle on the plane and won't nurse but I am sure that if she isn't going to nurse that she will enjoy her pacifier and be okay. Well I am going to try to get her to go back to sleep for a little while for me. Wish me luck since she has only slept for an hour and half for me this morning. Post more soon.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

4 days...

There are only 4 more days till Florida! I am so thrilled I just can't wait! It will be good times hanging with the family. I am really just looking forward to getting away from work. There are so many changes going on that I am not sure if I am coming or going or even if they will ever give me time on the floor. I am really waiting to see what will happen with one of the girls I work with to see what they are going to do with me for sure. I guess that I will either find out more when I see my charge nurse that does our schedule or I see what is currently my position posted since I would be taking her position. I think that would be the best plan to for me to train someone at the desk and then train to work the floor but we will see what will happen. So anyways back to the trip.... I just can't wait. I am so looking forward to warm weather and a break. I will miss Ephriam terribly but it will also be a good break for me and a time for Chris and Ephriam to bond together. I am hoping that Kendra and I can get them something nice while we are there. I hope that he enjoys his postcard that Kendra sends to him. I am sure that he will. Well I need to get some rest since I worked last night and have to work the next 2 nights at work before I am on Vacation!!!! Hope to post again before I go.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Answer Is....

Okay so I got to talk to my boss about things and learning how to run the floor. She said that I can start anytime. She said that it won't take me long to learn how to do it. It will not affect my schedule in any way. I will still be able to work the same days. I wish that I would have known this last night since we had 2 deliveries and I could have gone and watched them set up the delivery tables but oh well. I am hoping to work with Helena and it be slow enough that I can help her stock some rooms or something like that so long as they don't call me off. I am looking forward most though to going to Florida in 11 days! Then I can come back and be refreshed and ready to work hard again. Well I need to get going so that I can get my kids down for naps and then get myself down for a nap. Later. [Killer Fun]

Monday, March 19, 2007

Finding Out

Tonight I should find out exactly what they are going to do with me and my job. I am hoping that I can still have weekends off because I really enjoy getting to be with my family all together. Not to mention that we have things planned for several weekends coming up. I am a bit anxious to get off the desk and work the floor some. I know that it isn't going to be always so glorious but I do some of the aide work now and I like getting up and being on the floor. I am not so sure that I am ready to train Theresa to do birth certificates but that is okay. Well I need to go a lay down since I will be going into work tonight. Looking forward to post more tomorrow about the job. Trying to remember Philippians 4:6 and 7 but not have too much luck with the anxious part.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Playing Catch Up

Okay is has been a few weeks since I have updated this blog so here is a run down of what has been going on here. Last week was pretty uneventful. I worked, played with the kids, did what little house work I could. We did go to breastfeeding group on Thursday to hang out with some of our friends. Last weekend was a little busy for us but yet still kinda slow. We went shopping for things for somethings that we will be needing the next few weekends. We moved lil' miss Kendra up to a convertable carseat. She is has a lot more room to stretch her little legs out. I was also able to pick up some things for my sister-in-law's baby shower. After our shopping trip we brought the kids back home for nap time and then we went out to dinner with Chris parents. Sunday was our usual marathon. We didn't check our messages after church and the kids were suppose to go to see their Aunt and Uncle but their Uncle was sick so they went to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

This week has been a bit strange. I worked Monday night and got called off on Tuesday which was very nice because it was almost 80 degrees out. I was loving the sunshine and having the house open. On Wed. night we had dinner at Chris' parents house like usual. Then on Thursday morning at 4 am I went into work to count linens on the floor since we have linens all over on the unit. We had to count so many things. We had something like 526 wash clothes over 400 sheets ect. It was too much. I was glad that the floor was slow and that the nurses helped out. I came home to K.C. screaming her head off. She had been up basically since about 3 am and didn't go back to sleep till after 7. Then she got up at 10:30 with Ephriam and then only took an hour nap in the afternoon and she fussed the whole rest of the day. She really cried when I would leave the room. She just wanted me to hold her and that was fine till I had to get ready for work. I needed to take a shower so she had to play with Daddy who was not much of an entertainer on his 3 hours of sleep. I by this time was ready to go into work. I worked my usual 12 hours and was on my way home when I ran into my 2nd in command boss and she informed me that I will be learning to run the floor as an OB Tech. This doesn't however entail me learning to scrub for C-Sections. The one girl that I usually work with who does them is on light duty do to a fall so she will be trained to do birth certificates. They are training our one and only LPN to scrub in her place since they don't have to pay for her to go to school. It doesn't matter much to me because I am planning on going back to school in the fall of '08 to finish up my RN. Once that is done they are going to want to train me then I am sure. We will see how it all pans out. So anyways Tonight we are hanging out at home but tomorrow is another big day for us. We are going to have family pictures done then finish up our shopping for the next couple of weeks. Sunday again is our usual madness. So that is it on my front for now. Now to catch you up on the kids on Walker Family Life.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Kendra's Baptism

This past Sunday we had K.C. baptized. She did so good with all the activity in the house. She really didn't want to sleep but ended up crashing a few times. The kids slept till 11 this morning. It was really great to see all of my family that came. I really wish that we could have seen more of them and spent more time with them but I am very thankful for the time I do get with them. I am most looking forward to all the time that we will get to spend with them when K.C. and I go to Florida at the end of the month. Sunday was a busy day though with the baptism the party and then youth group. Luckily we already had youth group planned and we just had to show up. Well for now it is nap time with the kids so time to rest with them. Looking forward to having a slow night at work so that maybe I can post again tonight.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


So I am at work and all of my work is caught up. What to do now? I don't know so I thought that I would log in and post. I am looking forward to this weekend in getting to see all of my family when they come in for K.C.'s baptism. I really miss having mom around. In fact I miss talking to her since I haven't gotten to in a while and when I have they have been short converstations. I am hoping too to catch grandma at home and chat with her a bit today. I have tried the past couple of days to get a hold of her but she has been gone. Just looking forward to seeing everyone that I haven't seen since Christmas. I am really hoping that my brother comes since I haven't seen him since like Thanksgiving and I really didn't see him that much. I miss him a lot too. He is really coming around these days, or so I think. I don't think that he will need as big as a butt kicking as I think he does. I hope that things go his way here soon and for both him and mom and dad that he gets to move out of their house. I hope that he is getting smarter with his money and saving a little. I worry about him a lot expecially since last year. I know that things have changed a bit for him and that he has learned something but I still worry. He is my only brother and I love him. Only 29 more days till I leave on vacation to mom and dad's house and then to Florida with K.C., mom, my aunts, and grandma. Girls Only! Yeah! It will be nice to have a break from work since I have now worked my real hours 3 weeks in a row and it has been a long time since I have done that but the pay checks I get will be looking good. Well I would like to post to Walker family life before more work comes in the door (work that I am expecting to come in). So ya'll have a great day and look forward to hopefully posting tomorrow.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Wild Weekend

Yep it was another wild weekend at the Walker house. Friday night I ran out the the grocery store and then Chris and I baked chicken lasanga for friends of ours who are headed out to California from him to give his kidney to his one year old baby girl. Then on Saturday Chris and I got up with the kids got them ready and then headed to drop off the meals to our friends and then to Sams. Came home got the kids ready to spend the night at their respective places. Then Chris and I got to relax and watch a movie. After watching a movie we started dinner and then Chris took Ephriam over to his Uncle Matt and Aunt Heather's house. After Chris and I ate we dropped Kendra off at Grandma and Grandpa's house and headed to church to pick up our youth group kids to head to the Disciple, Family Force 5, Fireflight, and Decyfer Down. The concert was great but standing in the freezing rain for 45 minutes stunk really bad. You can see the pictures above. After we got home at 1 am we went to bed. The next morning we were up at 8:15 to get the kids. Matt and Heather had to be at church early so Ephriam needed to be picked up and since we were out we just picked up Kendra too. Then Ephriam and I went to Sunday School and Chris and Kendra met up with us in the Nursery at church. After working the nursery we came home ate lunch and then I laid down for a nap. Then off to Youth Group back home to get the kids ready for bed and then finally to bed. Next weekend won't be any slower since we will be having family in for Kendra's baptism. Oh well, I am looking forward to seeing our family.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Today was full of accomplishments... for me at least. We got Ephriam and Kendra's rooms all squared away. Kendra's dresser used to be completely empty but now it is so full that there isn't room for the rest of her clothes. We moved Ephriam's crib to help make things easier for him to transition into his big boy bed. We moved Kendra's room around to open things up a little bit more then what it is. She hasn't napped really well today since we moved her room around. I am hoping that sleeping there for a full night will help her with the adjustment. I have also done several loads of laundry and almost got the kitchen up to par. I am sure that tomorrow after church I will be able to do that before we go and celebrate Chris' grandma's birthday at his parents house. Then we are off to youth group. Hopefully then we are back to the regular grind with Chris going to work and the kids and I at home. It will be an adjustment for Ephriam for daddy to go back to the office but he will soon forget that he ever worked from home. We have also gotten a couple of inches of snow today and I am getting really sick of the cold weather. I am looking forward to our trip to Florida at the end of March. Hopefully we get some sunrays again here soon to lift my spirits again. So that is life in the fast lane here.

Who needs sleep?

Cause it seemed like I was never going to get it this week. I worked a full week and Chris worked from home so that kids were all mine this week. In a over a 48 hour time period I got 6 hours of sleep in naps. I got 2 two hour naps and 2 one hour naps. At least at work there was no lack of things to do to keep me awake. I got to go to bed early last night while Chris took care of bathing and feeding K.C. her cereal. I slept for 12 hours! It felt really good to get that much sleep. I am ready to take on the day! Today I am going to do laundry and get K.C. clothes put away in her empty dresser. I will hopefully be able to get the kitchen and living room back in order too. Hoping to get them picked up so that tomorrow after church I can sweep the living room up. So that is the game plan but we will see how far I can get. I think that K.C. is up and ready to eat so I am going to get her and feed her and then get breakfast myself. Hope that your weekend is as relaxing as mine.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Awesome Weekend

So I have been waiting for several weeks now for my parents to come in and it came and pasted in no time. I had a really great time with them though. Friday they didn't get in till like one in the morning so there wasn't a whole lot of visiting. Then on Saturday it was a really laid back day. Mom and I went out to lunch at Panera (I place that I don't get go to a lot) and then shopping for a new bathing suit for me for our trip to Florida. Now I just need to get a pair of crocks for Kendra and we will be all set for our trip. Then after we got back from lunch we just hung out at home. We were suppose to go to Meijer but I think that mom and dad got wore out playing with Ephriam and Kendra. They sure are a lot of work but I enjoy my moments with them. On Sunday we all got up and just hung out together. Mom and Dad ended up leaving around 11:30 to go back home. I am glad that they didn't stay later so that they had time to recover from their drive. It took them a lot longer to get back since they had to make more stops with Emma (their new puppy) and they did stop and eat. I was just nice to hang out with just them. Right now Kendra is in bed because she is sleepy only she is playing with her pacifiers deciding which one she wants. I mean it isn't like she has 6 of them in her bed or anything. What a habbit we are going to have to break. Well I need to lay down and get some rest because last night was rough for me. I hope that I can post more on that later.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


I wish that these colds would hurry up and end. I am not feeling so hot. I did much better yesterday and I am trying to stay possitive today but it just isn't working. I am so tired from it I am hoping that my afternoon nap will help since I have both kids in their beds. The little princesses isn't sleeping she is actually playing with her aquariuam that Nana and Grandpaw gave her from Christmas but as long as she is happy it if fine with me. She is tired and is refusing to let it get the best of her. Have I mentioned that I am looking forward to mom and dad coming in tomorrow night? Well if I haven't let me mention it... I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT MOM AND DAD COMING IN FOR THE WEEKEND! Now that it has been posponed for 2 weeks I can't wait. We will be getting to see a lot of them in a short amount of time and that will be nice. Well I need to lay down because now I am starting to get a headache so that I can go into work tonight. Peace.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Getting Better

Things are getting better around here. K.C.'s teeth seem to be almost in (Thank God!) We got lots of snow last night and I got to stay home from work and that was really nice. Although I had to go in for my CPR today which was fine till I got there and found out that they sent an e-mail around saying that it started an hour later then what they usually do because of the weather of course they never made any phone calls and not everyone checks their work e-mail on a daily basis since most of us work 12 hour shift. Anyways I did get a lot of stuff done today. I got the living room all squared away and the kitchen too. Now hopefully tomorrow I can find the bedrooms under the piles of dirty clothes and the baskets of clean ones. Then I can rest on Friday! I am looking forward to Friday night because it is a big night for me. I am going to hang out and do some scrapbooking with the girls from our playgroup, then I will probably being hitting the Meijer store to pick somethings up and then I get to come home in great anticipation of my mom and dad coming in! I just can't wait. I know that I saw them for Christmas but it wasn't one on one time that I will get with them this weekend. Mom and I have plans to ditch the boys and go have coffee together which we haven't done in such a long time. It will be good for the both of us. We can too discuss what we are going to bring with us to on our Florida trip at the end of March beginning of April. Which I can't wait for. Well I need to go check my floor in the kitchen and see if it is dry. Hope to post tomorrow at the beginning of the kids naps but we will see what happens.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sleepless Nights

Yes this week has been full of them. Not much sleep for Chris and I. The princess is cutting teeth and has been pretty much a nightmare about it. Last night she was up 5 times to eat or just because she was in pain. Maybe tonight with her being so tired we will get some sleep or not (as she is crying right now and it is almost 12:30 am.) Anyways other then that life is good. I am starting to get over the winter blues with thoughts of spring. Only a couple more months till opening day. I am also looking forward to K.C. and I trip to Florida. It will be a nice vacation for us. Well I should be getting to bed to get some sleep for the night.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


So I have come off the worst night ever of working L and D! I walked into a mess that put me more then 3 hours behind in my job. It is a good thing I work 12 hour shift or else I don't think I could have ever got caught up and I still had to leave a few odds and ends for day shift to pick up even though they were already short. So needless to say I am not really happy about that then to turn around and read comments posted to someone's blog that prove people are stupid. No women has ever walked around 10 cm dilated and no effacement it is just not possible. 10 cm is when you push the baby out. Plus the baby head coming down caused both dialation and effacement. I just hate when people try to talk about something that they know nothing about. I have had to stop watching Bringing Home Baby on TLC because I get so mad a people who want to breastfeed but do stupid stuff (don't even get me started). Do your homework people. There is no book, internet source or professional lactation consultant that will tell you breastfeeding is EASY! NO it really takes some work. You never do thing for the first time will out any flaws what makes you think that a new baby is going to? ARRRR.... I am just mad. I am not sure there is much that wouldn't make me mad at this point... well other then my kids because Ephriam is sleeping and miss thing is here with me and gave daddy a run for his money last night. Any who off to bed I go to hopefully get some sleep and an attitude adjustment.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What a Weekend!

This weekend was loaded full of fun! Friday night of course we stayed at home and didn't do much. Saturday we got up and took Chris' mom to the Aquarium with the kids. She is just a big kid herself and loved every minute of us being there. We got to try out our new backpack with Ephriam. He did a great job and I think that if we used it at Ichthus that he would eventually fall asleep in it. He didn't complain too much about being in it and we think that he actually saw more that way. Then we went out to dinner at the Smokey Bones and that was great as it has been before. It is getting to be one of my favorite places to eat but still not topping Outback or Fridays. On Sunday it was a little more busy then usual. We went to church, came home ate lunch, prepared for Youth Group, went over to Chris' parents house for a short visit with his sister, then you youth group, then back to his parents house to pick up Ephriam, and then home to bed. Next weekend we don't have too much to do. For youth group we are thankful for the Eshleman's hosting the Superbowl party. Then the next weekend hopefully my parents will be coming in. They keep pushing their visit back so we will see. Other then that life is back to the grin. Well I need to get going so that I can feed Miss Kendra hoping to post some Aquarium pictures up on the family life blog but we will see. Peace.

Friday, January 26, 2007


Last night I had a pretty good night at work, we were steadily busy. It makes time go by a little faster which I was thankful for. I am however very sleepy today. I thought that my morning nap would have to recharge the old battery but it hasn't. Actually I think that it has made things worse. I went to bed at about 7:45 this morning because Kendra was asleep and I wanted to maximize the amount of sleep that I got this morning knowing that she really could wake up at any time. Well she didn't wake up till like 11 so I got pretty good nap in however it was not long enough. I am looking forward to getting Ephriam his lunch and then laying down for another nap. I am very thankful though that Chris' dad will take at least him so that I can get some sleep in. I am looking forward to the day however that she is big enough to go with him too. For now though this seems to be working out for us and I am glad. God has blessed us a lot with things and I am very greatful for it. Well I need to be headed out to get Ephriam so have a good day and looking forward to posting more, since we are headed to the Aquarium tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thanks Ginger...

Last night I had the opportunity to witness a friend of mine give birth to her second child, Nicole Ann. It was a fantastic experience for me. It would be my first birth that wasn't one of my children. It was a long day for Ginger since she waited 23 hours for Nicole to make her apperance into the world. It was so much fun to be there with her and our friend Christy. It was kinda strange though to be there with Dr. Reina since I am not used to being on the other side of things. He is a very nice guy but I still think that he is very strange. He wanted me to tell Ginger how to push but I didn't know how to do that since I never had an epidural with either of my children and Ginger did have an epidural. I am a bit tired from the whole ordeal since the baby didn't come till 12:11 this morning. Yes at 11 after midnight Nicole made her apperance. I did however miss being at home with my kids and my husband. I thought about them a lot and am glad that I get to spend tonight with them. I am also looking forward to climbing into bed with my husband at the same time or sooner then he does. What a night. Well I am off to take a nap with my kids since I am still tired from my long night.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Busy Day

Today is going to be a busy day for me between being mommy, coming off a 12 hour shift, and preparing for another 12 hour shift I will get to partake in a friend of mine having her baby. So there is a lot on my plate today. I am looking forward though to being on the other side of a delivery for once. It will be a good time to be in there with our other friend Christy too. It will also be interesting to see a delivery with someone with an epidural since I didn't have one of those. Something I am not looking forward to today is the weather.... I HATE (AND I MEAN HATE) THE WHITE DEATH! It could all just go away and that would be perfectly fine with me. It is suppose to snow for the next couple of days. Not really heavy but enough to give us some on the ground. YUCK! I know it is winter and there will be snow but I tell you that I don't have to like it! Well that is all for now. I need to hit the hay so that I can be well rested for all the event going on today. Peace.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Like a Kid

Yesterday I really enjoyed playing in the snow. I reminded me of the days of playing outside with my brother in the snow. It was fun to see Ephriam excited about it. It was great to get out and just play. I also enjoyed my time yesterday of being away from my kids and not having to be mommy or work. Although all I did was talk about them all the time. I am looking forward to tonight at work because my friend is coming in to be induced. I hope that she has a smooth delivery and that everything goes well for her. Well both of my kids are sleeping so I am going to try and get a few things done around here. Check ya later.

what a weekend

what a busy but good weekend we had. Friday we bummed out at the house and just watched the boob tube. Saturday we had a nice relaxing morning then we headed out to find a dishwasher since ours isn't working so well we actually don't even know the brand of our current dishwasher. Then to the SUPRISE of Chris' mom we pulled off a 60th birthday party. We were bummed that Chris' sister caught a flu bug while they were in Florida and her family wasn't able to make it out but it was best that everyone that they stayed at home. Today Chris went to church while I went to a baby shower and Matt watched the kids. Then we played in the snow with Ephriam then off to youth group. It went by too fast. Looking forward to going into work to see Ginger come in to have her little girl and I am hoping to be there for her delivery depending on the time of the day and stuff. Well I need to get rested up for my day tomorrow with the kids. Hoping to post more thoughts tomorrow. Hopefully a little deeper then this surface stuff.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Last night I went to bed around 10:30. The first time that I have see that hour in a long time. It was very nice to sleep till 4:30 this morning when Kendra wanted to eat so I got up and feed her and we went back to bed till a little after 9 and I enjoy every minute of sleeping. I slept a whole lot better then I have in a while. I really need to try to beat Chris to bed more often. I was able to have the whole side of the bed and not just half of it. I didn't have to wait for him to stop snooring or anything. Not that I don't like going to bed with him at the same time it just works out better for me if I go to bed first. So after only getting 3.5 hours of sleep yesterday after working 12 hours it was nice to go to bed early. So now today agenda of doing laundry, look at dishwashers, and cook dinner. So that is how it goes for now. I am also thinking bout starting back to posting to Walker Family Life since the kids are growing up so quickly and there are some interesting Ephriam stories to tell. I am not sure about that though. We shall see. Well off to the laundry room.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Too Giving?

So I started thinking about this this morning when I gave a tube of chapstick to one of my co-workers. I really has nothing to do with the chapstick itself but I began to wonder if I give too much. I mean not too much of my things but too much of myself. It is easy to give so much to your kids but hey they are only little once and they really need my attention but do I give too much of myself to others? Am I spreading myself too thin. I mean I went into work on Wed. night out of the goodness of my heart to watch the desk while they did a C-Section while I still have to get my house ready for play group. I ended up being up till 2:30 in the morning. Then got up early to finish up a few things before people got here. Not to mention that I had to go into work the night that everyone is was here. Not to mention this weekend that tomorrow night there is a lot going on at home, then on Sunday I have a baby shower to go to and then youth group. I am really worried about when I will get rest. Sleep these days seem to be few and far between. Today I have only gotten 2 hours of sleep and I have my kids to take care of. I just wonder if I need to cut something out. Maybe ask to work just part time? I don't know. Not to mention that my house is still a wreck and that I can't get my laundry done. I mean we are on a load to load bases as to what kind of clothing that we need (underware, socks, kids clothes, ect.) I just want to be all caught up. I also can't remember the last time that I had a day to myself. I haven't been able to be alone in a while. I would love to get my hair cut or something like that without any kids. I know that my time will come and it will only get worse the more kids that we have but I am willing to deal with that to have my own family. So I leave you with a thought... Am I too giving?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Some Sunshine

Okay I am really excited because there is some sunshine today! The only think that stinks is that it is freezing out! Luckily none of the white death stuck. I wish that I could take the kids outside but we will see. I still can't wait till spring. Anyways, I have a lot to do today since we are having play group here tomorrow and I have to be ready by 4:30 so that I can have dinner ready since I am cooking for Chris' mom's birthday. I will probably just be up late tonight finish up the things from tomorrow. I realize that people aren't coming here till 11:30 tomorrow morning but it could take me till then to get Ephriam, K.C., and myself ready by then. I didn't sleep very well last night either so that isn't helping my motivation. However K.C. is taking a nice nap at this time with Ephriam. I should get going so that I can get something done before they wake up and need my attention. Maybe I will post more in the wee hours of the morning.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Night Off

So I have gotten the night off so that I can prepare myself for the invasion of about 11 children under the age of 2 at my house with their moms of course! I am a bit more excited about it then I was this morning due to the fact that I have tonight off and know that I don't have to go into work. So I have all day to get ready for them coming tomorrow. I am bummed though that our dishwasher isn't exactly working so I have to hand wash some of the dishes and I have to boil the bottles till we are able to run out and get a new one. Well tomorrow is my mother in law's 60th birthday and I am cooking dinner for her. I know that she is going to Matt and Heather's for dinner on Saturday too so that will be fun for her. She loves just having the family around. Well I need to get some sleep since I got like 4 hours of sleep today. Hopefully I can blog tomorrow. We will see thought. Nite.

Winter... Yuck!

So the days are shorter, darker, and much much colder and I HATE IT! I really mean HATE too. I don't like that there isn't much sunshine and I really don't like the cold weather. I wish that it could be nice and warm. These days I am really not looking forward to much. I usually get excited about play group but I am kinda dreading it. Not that I don't want everyone to come over or anything like that I just want to not to anything. I love having people over and sharing out house with them and usually look forward to it but not this time. I am trying to keep myself busy so that I don't get too down but lately I am in the slumps. This weekend is a busy one so I hope that being around people will help me uplifted. I have been enjoying the time with my kids. We have had lots of PJ days but that will change as the weather gets warmer and I want to get out more. I have big plans this summer for the kids and I as I get called off or on my days off. Well I need to get going so that I can get a nap in while my kids are napping in case I do have to go into work.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

quick post

This is just a quick post while K.C. goes to sleep. Things are going pretty good around here. I am kinda missing working a full week since I haven't done that in a long time. My kids are going to go through mommy withdraw when I do return to work. Don't think that I won't miss them. They have been a lot of fun lately to play with. K.C. is now on the move well I mean that she can roll over and get to wherever she wants to. It won't be long and she will be crawling all over the place trying to keep up with Ephriam. I wish her luck on doing that! Ephriam has been a lot of fun too. We have had lots of play time and he fussed about me going to work for the first time in a long time. I think that he really likes having me around. I can't wait for our playgroup next week to get him more exposure to kids his age since he stopped going to Jill's house. I know that each week he gets some being in the nursery at church but it is only a few kids. Well I am off to go back to bed because Ephriam will be up in a little while and I would like to get a nap in. Peace.