Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Getting Better

Things are getting better all around, at least for now. I am getting to do a little bit more at work on my own and it is nice. I have gotten to see a couple of deliveries and that has been nice to be able to help out the nurses more. I am learning new bits everyday and getting more and more confindant about things. Heather is doing much better and I am glad of that. I worry about her being at home by herself but I know that there are a ton of people that are just a phone call away if she needs anything. Just if we can let that baby cook a little bit longer that would be nice. Now if I could find away to just get more sleep. Getting 3 hour inbetween 12 hour work shifts is really starting to bite. I wish there was a way to get more but when you work nights and your kids are up during the day it just doesn't pan out that way. It has been nice going to bed on Friday nights early. It would be nice to get to sit and scrap book some but I would really like the house to have some order before I do that. Things are starting to fall into some sort of routine or so I think. Last time that things got going into a routine around the house we found out that Kendra was coming. I love her to pieces but man has she taken a toll on me. No wonder I am getting gray hair! I am looking forward to taking the kids to the zoo soon. Actually next week I get to lead a some what normal life. Yeah some what. I am working only 8 hour shifts so I will get to come home and get about 6 straight hours of sleep before the kids get up. I am hoping to do something fun with them everyday that week since I will be getting more sleep and still getting to spend lots of time with them. For now I am looking at spending my birthday money this weekend on some new clothes or something. For now I should do some work.

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