Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Post Trip

G-burg was great. Had a great time hanging out with the family. Thursday we had a nice drive down. We ate dinner in the car and then I took a nap for about 2 hours while Chris drove. Then we made a pit stop to feed K.C. and I had a potty break. Then back on the road for the rest of the trip. We just got caught up in a little traffic about 1 mile from our exit on 40. We didn't have to stop at all in Pigeon Forge since it was so late. Once we got to the place we were staying at Ephriam got out of the car and said "Nana's?" I had to tell him that we weren't at Nana's house but we were in the car that long. We then got the kids settled and went to bed ourself. The kids were up a 8 the next morning ready to go. We got up and had breakfast and headed out to the Aquarium with Eric, Cindy, Joe, Josh, Caleb, and Clare. We had a good time there but I was a little disappointed because I thought that Newport was better but oh well. Then we went on to get our taffy. Mark was waiting outside the place and got pooped on by a bird. Good thing that we carry baby wipes all the time. After we got our taffy we headed back to give the kids a good nap. All of the rest of us took a little nap too. We then had dinner with Chris' Uncle Mike and Aunt Star. We were up till midnight chit chatting before we decided we should hit the hay. The kids again woke us up at 8:30 and we got dressed and headed next door for pancakes with Eric, Cindy, Joe, Josh, Caleb, and Clare. Then we all headed out for the Highland games. It was a blast to watch them and listen to the pippers. Ephriam got a wooden sword and daddy got one to defend himself with. All of the cousins got swords to. My favorite part was watching the guys throw the cabers (my spelling maybe off I am not sure but I do know that they are long pieces of wood that are like telephone polls.) Ephriam enjoyed that part too. Chris now wants a kilt and I think that his Uncle Mike is arranging to make that happen. Ephriam also got the family clan (Stewart) pin from Uncle Mike. Chris has put it up in a safe place so that he can wear it next year. I am sure that it won't be long before Ephriam wants a kilt of his own. At least he won't have to worry about the lenght that way. After the games we headed back to have a cook out and smores for Cindy's birthday. We were up again late hanging out as family. The kids were up then the next morning at 7:30 so we just got up and got going. Ate breakfast and packed. We a pretty good drive home except for the fact the I had a small case of the runs. We got caught in a ton of traffic on our way out of Pigeon Forge and we ran into a little bit of traffic on 75 on our way back. Nothing too bad though. We made it back safe and sound and Chris headed out to youth group while I wrestled the kids. So that was our weekend. When I get home I hope to post some pictures. Peace.

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