Saturday, December 30, 2006


Well as you know Kendra started to be ferberized, well it worked! It only took less then 24 hours for her to sleep in her own. Her and mommy are sleeping much better in the own beds and believe it or not she has now stopped waking up in the middle of the night to eat. So not only are we getting better sleep but more of it! It is bittersweet for mommy, I am glad that she is getting better sleep and more of it but I also missed cuddling with her. Plus it means that she is getting bigger and more independent. She also is a much happier baby. She loves to play on the floor and today rolled over from her back to her belly for the first time today. This summer will be fun with her and Ephriam. Speaking of Ephriam he is getting bigger and bigger everyday. His vocabulary grows everyday. He also has started to sleep will a pillow and is doing great with it. It won't be long till we transitions into his toddler bed and then into his big boy bed. Just got to get him to not wiggle so much in his bed. He is enjoying his toys from Christmas and his birthday. Yes, that's right he just celebrated his 2nd birthday. He still isn't a typical 2 year old yet but we will see. He is laid back and happy. He only isn't happy if he is hungry or SUPER tired. So that is the update on the kids. So you are still wondering how is mommy? Mommy is doing pretty good. I am still recovering from Friday of working all night and then only sleeping a hour, being up half the day, then sleeping a couple more hours, throwing together a birthday party, and then making it to bed a midnight. Today I got some rest and went and got a baby shower gift and then clean up Ephriam's room so that we could move all of his toys back to his bedroom. Tomorrow it is church and then to get our house back into order and get the Christmas stuff put away. New Years day we are going to hang out with our friend Matt, Angie, and Victoria. Then back to the grid that night at work and getting the house back to where it needs to be and hiberation or just hanging out at home. So that is life here.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Okay so it is 10 after 12 midnight here and I am posting because my sweet little girl is still not asleep! For some reason she doesn't want to sleep with out mommy and daddy close by so I have reached my limit of staying up till 2 in the morning because she won't sleep out of our room. So Chris and I have decided now that she needs to be ferberized and that she will eventually fall asleep on her own. So since I was suppose to work and be up all night anyways why not be up all night with the baby. I think that she will eventually get the picture on her own. So here we are. Ephriam is doing great and sleeping through the whole thing. What a champ! Tonight was his first night with a pillow and he is doing great with that too. Before K.C. went to bed we went in and check on him and he had is head on the pillow and was cuddling with his blanket that his Grandma Walker made him. He was so sweet. It won't be long now before he will no longer in the crib but in a toddler bed and then to his big boy bed. Not to mention that on Friday he turns 2! I just can't believe that almost 2 years ago that I gave birth to my little man. Well I need to go so that I can feed the babe now since it has been 3 and a half hours since she has eaten. Peace

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Start of Christmas Madness 2006

Okay so I am here at work sitting at the desk waiting to be able to get away to pump so I don't know how this will turn out in the end.

This weekend was a busy blast! Friday night we spent the night at home and had Chris' parents over for coffee and desert so that they could see the tree but we actually ended up hanging out at the kitchen table (imagine that). Saturday I stayed at home with the kids while Chris finished up our Christmas shopping. Then he finished the kids' toy boxes while I wrapped all of our presents for his family Christmas. After that was all done and the kids (well Ephriam anyway) was in bed we watch the newest pirates movie. Sunday morning we were suppose to get up and go to the early service but we never made it. Instead we hung out at home. K.C. and I watched Little Women while the boys slept and then after everyone had breakfast we started to get ready for the Walker family Christmas. Round One of Christmas for us. It was a very nice Christmas and we got lots of nice things. The one thing that stunk was that we were inside and it was 65 degrees out! We joked about having a hot dog roast over a ham. Ephriam was fun once he figured out how to open presents. K.C. slept through most of the present opening but I am sure next year she will do a little better. I am really looking forward to Chris and mine Christmas together and then the kids'. I got him some things that I am really excited about. I am most excited about what the kids got him and I hope that he will be too. Well I need to go pump now so I am peace out. Looking forward to posting more soon.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lil update

Okay so this will be a quick one because I think that Ephriam is waking up. Life here is good and busy as we are preparing for Christmas. We will have our first Christmas this Sunday with Chris' family. I am really looking forward to it and think that it will be a blast. Ephriam will be a little more fun this year and will open his presents on his own and I can't wait to see his excitement. K.C. will not be sure what is going on but will enjoy time with her family. We also found out that on Ephriam's birthday we will find out if we are going to have a niece or a nephew. K.C. and I are rooting for a girl since they will be so close in age but a nephew would be just fine too. Work is going good so far and I will begin my training soon as we find my class to take. I know that I will be taking one on March 15th but that isn't the one that will give me my certificate. Well I need to get going but looking forward to posting something longer soon.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Job Update

Some of you know that I have been looking into doing more at work then just sitting at the desk. I do somethings here and there but not a whole lot. Just before I got my review from work I was informed that I can go and take a couple of classes to better myself and learn how to be a scrub tech. This means that I would be the person handing the interments to the doctor during a C-section. There is a lot to learn and I mean A LOT but I will increase my pay and learn something to make myself worth more. The girls at work are just thrilled about me wanting to do so. They are rooting me on and think that I can do it if we can find the class that I am suppose to take. My big boss is worried that I will let the doctors walk over me back in the section room but I am a person too and I deserve to be respected as a person plus I think that I can show them that I am capable of doing it before I am done with my training and getting checked off. We will see how all that goes though. Just keep praying for me and that I do well in my classes. In all getting my job review I found out that the girls at work think more highly of me then I think of myself. It was nice to really feel appreciated and know that I am more then able to do my job. I am looking forward to educating myself more and getting more experience. This may lead to me going to school to get my RN. We will see though. Well dinner is here and Ephriam is up so I need to go get him so that we can eat. Looking forward to more updates for ya.