Monday, November 27, 2006

What a Weekend..

This weekend was a good one! I had a good time with my family and am looking forward to Christmas with them. We went to Grandma's for Thanksgiving. We tried to get Grandma to sit down and not doing anything but that didn't work she of course cleaned everything up when we left. We played Cranium with everyone and it was fun at first but the more people that we had involved the longer it took and we all finally reached a point when we were all ready to end the game. We drew names for Christmas and Chris and I got some good names or I at least think that we did. Chris got Brent my cousin Courtney's boyfriend and I got Josh my cousin Katherine boyfriend. We have never met Josh because he is in the military but he at least has a good list to go by. We then on Friday morning got up with the crazies to go shopping. We didn't get much of anything but we wanted to spend as much time with my family as possible. We all then went home and took naps. We had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa at Aunt Shell's house. Ephriam helped to make the salad and tested the pieces and put them back in the bowl. On Saturday everyone came over to Aunt Shell's for breakfast and them I waited forever for my brother to show ups but he never did. W e made it back at 5 and had a some what relaxing evening. Christopher and I watched the Notre Dame game, it was a disappointing loss to USC but a good game anyway. On Sunday we went to church and then spent the afternoon at home. Chris put up our Christmas lights outside then we went to dinner with his parents at Frishes then we went grocery shopping at Walmart. We then just enjoyed our Sunday off from youth group. Next weekend we will be going to get our Christmas tree, see the lights at the zoo, and as a youth group we will be wrapping gifts at the mall for free with the Vineyard Community Church as a service project. Other then that the week is the usual. I work Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. So that is it for now. Looking forward to the Christmas season and getting some shopping done for Christopher. Peace.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Been a little crazy...

Well yes I am still up after working all night but that is because my little one is still up. Hopefully we will take a good nap this afternoon after we pick up Ephriam so that I can get some sleep but anyways here is life in the fast lane here. I know that it has been over a week since I posted but mostly because I try to take advantage of the time that I get to sleep and do things. This past weekend I think that I had too much weekend in my weekend. Here is the quick run down:

Friday: Tree Light, get deep freezer from HH Gregg, Bob Evans, and planning for Saturday.

Saturday: Up till 5 am with fussy baby, up then at 8:30 for Santa Parade, Drop kids of then out for Shopping Spree/Date Day.

Sunday: Better night, up for church, church, lunch, take kids to see Santa at great-grandma's place, Progessive dinner with youth group.

Monday you would have thought that I had rest but no I did dishes, laundry, and worked all night. Tonight my parents are coming in and I work so I need to end this so that I can get some rest. Looking forward to hopefully posting more after the holiday weekend.

Friday, November 10, 2006

It's Christmas Time

Well the Christmas season has offically began at the Walker house. Yesterday there were Christmas carols playing as we cleaned up the kitchen and the past couple of weeks while on Friday while we were eating dinner we have watched a Christmas movie. Last week was the Santa Clause with Tim Allen and this week it was Elf. We will see what movie will be next. Can't wait till December the first when ABC Family starts playing all Christmas shows.

But today I am really tired. I could go to bed now I think and sleep till morning. Of course that isn't going to happen since I have a baby to feed and all that. What was nice about today though is that it was so warm outside that we got to open up the windows in the house and let some fresh air in. Hope that it helps with Ephriam since he has a bad cold. I am hoping that he will be over it soon since we are going to Toledo to visit with the family here soon for Thanksgiving.

Well I need to get going so that I can help Christopher take care of our kids. Check ya later.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Finally Over!

So yesterday I finally got rid of my stint and am having no more pain. I still feel a little sore from everything but that is because so much has gone on in such a short week in that area.Thing are looking better now that I can move around and play with my kids and what not. Hopefully now I can get things done around the house that is only if miss Kendra decides to cooperate with me. I may have to ease her back into not being held so much. I think that she need more floor time anyways. She doesn't get quite as much as she should since her brother likes to crawl all over her when she in on the ground. It won't be long though before she is taking off with him all over the place. I am enjoying her being in one place for now. We are still looking for a part time sitter for my 2 kids. Right now Chris' Dad is taking Ephriam for me so that I can get some sleep. I still however have the baby which works out okay till she gets bigger and then we are going to run into more issues. I know that God has a plan for this and I am trying to be patient but it isn't working for me so much. I am too really missing my mom and dad and can't wait for Thanksgiving to get here. I really miss them. I had a nice visit last weekend with Bubby and his friend Katie. I still think that she is too good to be friends with him. He is totally so lucky to have her as a friend. Well I need to get going now I Mr. E is waking up and he is probably ready for some breakfast. Hopefully I will be able to check ya all soon.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Day at home

I got to spend the day at home today. I didn't do much do to the pain and the frequent use of the bathroom. I just took care of my kids and rested as much as possible. I am hoping tomorrow to do a little more, like maybe unload the dishwasher but we again will see how things go. Ephriam seems to think that it is okay to jump on mommy but I am trying to get him to just sit next to me and give me hugs. I will feel much better when they get the stent out of me. Only 5 more full days with it in. Thank goodness. I am hoping that I will be able to drive myself home from the office after he takes it out. I forgot to ask them when I called today about going back to work on Monday. Which is a go for as long as I am feeling good. I am hoping that by then I will be feeling well enough to go into work. I tried to get a hold of my boss today but she wasn't answering her phone but I wanted her to know that I would be in then so I called and chatted with one of the girls from work. They are probably suprised that I will be back into work so soon but it is all good for me.

Tomorrow night I will have a couple of visitors! I am totally excited because I will get to meet my brother's friend Katie for the first time. Her and I have been in touch a lot but it will be the first time we get to see each other face to face. My brother will also be coming in. They will then head to South Bend, IN to see the Notre Dame game on Saturday afternoon. The kids and I will be watching for them on TV while Chris and his mom are doing some Christmas shopping up at the Jeffersonville outlets. Well I need to get going but will hopefully get a chance to post tomorrow night.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kidney Stones

Okay so I haven't blogged in while but there is a reason why, I have been spending lot of time in pain due to a kidney stone. I went to the ER on Saturday in major pain thinking that I had a new kidney stone. So they did the work up on me and sure enough I had a kidney stone but it is not a new stone but the same one I was in for 4 weeks again. So they sent me home on some pain medicine and told me to call the urologist on Monday. So I did that and he hadn't looked at my CT results yet and said that he would call once he did. So he called Tuesday morning and said that usually he would wait to see if the stone would come out but since it has been almost 5 weeks now that I have had it that it would be best if he went in and got the stone out. So he said that he would go in with a scope up through my bladder toward my right kidney take a metal hook and get the stone and then place a stent to keep the uriter open and then we would go back in a week and remove the stent. So that is what they did today. I had to be put under so that they could do the procedure. I am in a lot less pain then what I was before but I am still in pain so I have some pain medicine for that and am to take an antibiotic while the stent is in. I will be having it removed next wednsday at 12:45. Hopefully at that is all said and done that everything will be fine and I will no longer have to deal with kidney stones. I am hoping to know what type of kidney stone I had and how to prevent them from coming on again. Other then that life has been good. I am looking forward to having the rest of the week off work and hopefully returning to work on Monday. I will call the doc's office tomorrow to confirm that it is okay that I do so.

Christopher has been wanting to get Christmas music out and all that but I have not been letting him till yesterday after trick-or-treat he busted out the music and tonight we watched the Santa Clause on the Disney Channel. So around here I guess Christmas season has started.

Ephriam has been Mr. Hug man. He has been giving out hugs left and right. He climbs up on the couch with me to just hug my neck. He has started saying Uncle and Heather. He also keeps looking for Elmo.

K.C. is doing great. Growing like a weed. She has started to vocalize more and more everyday and not just cry all the time. Before I know it she will be rolling all over and then sitting up on her own and then crawling and then I will have 2 to chase around.

So that is life the past few days. Tell you how things are tomorrow. Nite.